You must have definitely come across that classic believe that boys don’t like shopping. Or even more, shopping with their girlfriends. So we based our game on this.

Imagine you go shopping with your sweetie, you’re really rich and she knows she can spend as much as she likes. What could you ideally do? Since you don’t want to sleep on a sofa tonight you want to keep her satisfied. That means that you keep up and pay for stuff. On the other hand, you don’t have unlimited patience. You get upset with each box you need to carry at given moment as it weights something. Also you get upset with each bounce with some other shopper or a wall.

You win if you reach the top of bar with satisfaction in the game. You will loose if your love is not satisfied at all or if you are fully upset.

We wish you a nice game and ladies, please accept you apologies for such a stupid idea behind the game.

The game was created by four students of programming art at Charles University, in Prague.

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